Summer 2016 – Do Events

It has been a busy summer of parties and Weddings for Do Events.  This July and August I’ve planned and styled 4 very different Weddings.  A full review of the Summer Party & Wedding Season will appear very soon, but in the meantime here is a look at some of the Weddings from 2016.

40th Birthday Party, Private Residence, Teddington – July 2016

IMG_4990   IMG_4993IMG_4998  IMG_5013  IMG_6092

IMG_5533  IMG_5532  IMG_5531  IMG_5530  IMG_5526 IMG_5527

Wedding, St James’ Court Hotel – July 2016

IMG_5126  IMG_5128  IMG_5140  IMG_5180IMG_5175  IMG_5164  IMG_5147  IMG_5120  IMG_5155

Wedding, Teddington Cricket Club, Bushy Park, July 2016

IMG_5371  IMG_5376  IMG_5379  IMG_5383  IMG_5413  IMG_5439  IMG_5492  IMG_5444    IMG_5456  IMG_5462  IMG_5473  IMG_5475

Wedding, Teddington RFC Wedding, August 2016

IMG_5554  IMG_5559        IMG_5569  IMG_5572

IMG_5573  IMG_5576 IMG_5578  IMG_5579 IMG_5580    IMG_5591   IMG_5594   IMG_5613   IMG_5597  IMG_5604

Wedding, Northbrook Park, Farnham, August 2016

IMG_5649  IMG_5657  IMG_5660  IMG_5670 IMG_5671  7D486303-F7C1-45CA-B0B2-2D61F9D1671A  BF55398F-C08C-498D-8A3C-266294EB36CA  IMG_5711  IMG_5712 IMG_5714


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